Nam Tural Social Impact
With the prize for first place in the SBC 2023 contest, Ulstraw decided to spend a part of the money to contribute to the community, where Ulstraw operates. Specifically, Ulstraw has:
Donated a sound system for the community activity house. Supported upgrading the volleyball court for Dan Ne village, Yen Tho commune.
Donated 13 bicycles for students in difficult circumstances at primary and secondary schools in the area.
This activity is in line with Ulstraw’s orientation to the community. Ulstraw always seeks creative solutions, and creates valuable products from straw, thereby solving the problem of burning straw causing waste and environmental pollution. Along with that, Nam Tural also pursues the sustainable goals of the United Nations, which are to reduce CO2 emissions and improve the lives of farmers.
Ulstraw would like to thank all partners, customers, employees, and the community for supporting and accompanying the project throughout the past time. Ulstraw hopes to continue receiving the attention and cooperation of all parties in the future.
Ulstraw – Change the world starting from one straw!

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Nam Tural Social Impact

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